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  • Our Best Açaí Bowl

    Our Best Açaí Bowl

    This quick and easy breakfast – or indeed anytime treat – is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, so you radiate healthy fruity vitality all day long!

  • The Açaí Super Bowl

    The Açaí Super Bowl

    Our Açaí Super Bowl smoothie is a sight to behold! The rich, creamy goodness of Authentic Fruits Açaí Bowl is sweetened with fresh banana, sweet strawberries, succulent kiwi and a sprinkle of coconut flakes and crushed nuts.

  • Açaí Super Healthy Ice-Cream

    Açaí Super Healthy Ice-Cream

    Did you know you can actually have it all? All of the abundant antioxidants and vitamins of the Açaí Berry AND the richly sweet, creamy taste of your favourite frozen yoghurt… in one bowl! And it takes mere minutes to prepare!!

  • Authentic Fruits ChiAçaí Pudding

    Authentic Fruits ChiAçaí Pudding

    Here we pair superfood with superfruit to create the ultimate start to your day – pretty cool, right? Our ChiAçaí Pudding is high in protein, fibre, and bursting with antioxidants. With Authentic Fruits Açaí Bowl, it takes just minutes to prepare. Then all you have to do is top the pud with your favourite toppings…

  • Açaí Lavender Cheesecake

    Açaí Lavender Cheesecake

    Wow your friends with this beautiful and decadent cheesecake that makes the perfect centrepiece for any tea party. Your friends will have no idea it’s vegan or indeed, how easy it is to make!