Here we pair superfood with superfruit to create the ultimate start to your day – pretty cool, right? 

Our ChiAçaí Pudding is high in protein, fibre, and bursting with antioxidants. 

With Authentic Fruits Açaí Bowl, it takes just minutes to prepare. 

Then all you have to do is top the pud with your favourite toppings and get on with your day!



  1. Pour the Authentic Fruits Açaí Bowl and banana chips into a blender.

  2. Add the vanilla extract and milk, and then blitz until smooth.

  3. Pour into a jug and stir in the chia seeds.

  4. Divide between 10 pots or cups, then pop them into the fridge to settle.

  5. These delicious pots of pure pleasure will be ready to eat in just two hours!

  6. Top with any fresh fruit, granola or toasted nuts and enjoy!

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