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  • A Berry Basil Pesto

    A Berry Basil Pesto

    All hail King Pesto! Basil Pesto is the High King of the kitchen when it comes to zesty and strongly-flavoured sauces. A staple of any worthy pantry, Pesto is perfect for preparing a quick and easy dinner or a fantastic snack! This delicious recipe, however, proposes complete anarchy by removing the revered base of the…

  • The Açaí Super Salad

    The Açaí Super Salad

    There is nothing more delicious or more delightful than a radiantly healthy colourful salad to render a work lunch a pleasure for all, especially when it takes only a few minutes to prepare! The beauty of this simple dish is that Authentic Fruits Acai Oil gives you a massive boost of antioxidants, keeping us strong…

  • Pinzimnio Dipping Dish

    Pinzimnio Dipping Dish

    When the summer rolls in and our evenings extend into the night, my favourite culinary treat seeks to pair fine wine, fresh crunchy vegetables and exotic fruits! In this recipe, we fuse Amazonian exotic fruits with Italian tradition to create an incredibly simple, tasty and healthy summer snack! In this clever variation, we replace olive…

  • The Authentic Caesar Salad

    The Authentic Caesar Salad

    We revisit this classic salad with Authentic Fruits Açaí Oil. The acai oil brings a depth of flavor to the caesar salad not yet experienced, and the simple ingredients makes it easy to rustle up a quick and healthy delicious lunch.