A Berry Basil Pesto


All hail Queen Pesto! 

Basil Pesto is the Queen of the kitchen when it comes to zesty and strongly-flavoured sauces.

A staple of any worthy pantry, Pesto is perfect for preparing a quick and easy dinner or a fantastic snack! 

This delicious recipe, however, proposes complete anarchy by removing the revered base of the sauce, olive oil, and replacing it with our gourmet 100% Organic Açaí Oil. 

Experience the taste of the jungle with our Açaí Oil as it grounds the sauce with an earthy and savoury taste that enhances the basil, nuts and cheese.



  1. Place the basil leaves and pine nuts into the bowl and blend until smooth.

  2. Add garlic and parmesan cheese, and blend for 5 – 10 seconds more.

  3. While blending, slowly add Authentic Fruits Açaí Oil in a steady gentle stream. This way, we can maintain a better consistency for the sauce.

  4. Season to taste.

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