Amazonia Rainforest

A Conscious Effort

Sustainability is at the heart of Authentic Fruits and we believe that everyone has a role to play in sustainable development. It’s the need of the hour isn’t it? Each and every choice we make creates an impact on our Mother Earth and we need to make good choices for ourselves and our loved ones, as one conscious choice can create an impact not only today but on a bigger picture.

"One conscious choice can create an impact not only today but on a bigger picture."

Sustainability not only refers to the environment but to society and economy as well. At Authentic Fruits we take sustainability very seriously and our mission, vision and values revolve around it.

We make organic sustainable products by respecting our planet’s resources as we want to bring a change in this world. Our mission is to ‘make superfoods super easy for busy people who care about the Earth.’ Our family farmers help us to grow and harvest organic fruits like açaí in the Amazon rainforest, the largest tropical rainforest.

Moreover, harvesting açaí is more beneficial for the environment than traditional agriculture, as the latter leads to deforestation. In addition, it helps in the conservation and protection of the biodiversity in the forest. 

"Make superfoods super easy for busy people who care about the earth"


Every berry that we use in our authentic products is handpicked by our family farmers. Furthermore, these fruits are converted into sustainable heavenly food for you. Our organic and vegan creations are full of nutrition and love. We believe that everyone deserves to boost their immunity by enjoying our luscious and delicious products. We practice fairtrade and provide sustainable work for our farmers by working with them closely. Furthermore, our locals are empowered economically as they are paid fair wages, and they work in a supply chain which is fully traceable.


By reading this blog you have already taken one step towards an Authentic Revolution. Continue your support as a consumer, because your support feeds our passion nourishing both people and planet! Be a part of this nutritious and amazing chain by joining our authentic revolution!




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